Simply Fresh - Courtyard Restaurant - February 1, 2014

At The Delicious Dish the four basic food groups are awesome, delicious, amazing and wow. Though if pressed, Chef Matt Orlando can add some dairy, meat (or meat alternatives), grains and veggies to your dish. I have sampled bits and bites from The Delicious Dish at various events, but this was my rst time sitting down to a full meal here. I had some pretty high expectations. There is not a serious foodie I know who doesn’t adore the The Delicious Dish and I have to say I had built it up. But I was not in the least bit disappointed.

London Times - Plates to make your heart sing - April 3, 2013

Hey! He’s made it look like a caterpillar today!”

I might not have put it quite that way. Generally best to avoid bug-like evocations when describing food. But our server’s enthusiasm was endearing, and the curved and lumpy line of beets made fuzzy with frisée and oozing an intense lime gelée could well be construed as caterpillar-like. The smeared green bits made me think of encounters with summer bikes.

The plate was delicious, though -the roasted beets competing with the sharpness of pickled ones, the citrus concentration of the lime vibrating against the fresh tang of earthy goat cheese, the crunch provided by sweetly toasted nuts.

I’ve had a couple of terri c meals at The Delicious Dish since it reopened after a summer re took out its kitchen. Matt Orlando has been in charge since late 2007, and in this historic building with its shiny new kitchen, chef Orlando and his talented team are plating adventurous food, imbued with striking avours and textures, arranged in satisfying combinations and with tremendous visual appeal.

The wintry dishes I’ve happily forked into have been brightened with such ights of fancy, such intense bursts of taste and smack, they’ve made my heart sing.

Omnivore's London - The Delicious Dish revamps menu for October - August 15, 2009

Chef Matt Orlando’s enthusiasm for his craft is infectious as he lovingly unwraps a meaty beef rib from its plastic cocoon, where it spent 48 hours lounging in sweet soy sauce while being cooked sous-vide in a low-temperature water bath for a full 48 hours.

It is a perfect piece of bovine — full- avour, tender texture, unctuous through and through. Michael is extremely proud, and of course he will feature this delectable dish on his new menu when the popular The Delicious Dish re-opens at 53 Dorset Street following renovations after a kitchen fire on July 22.