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Old Dorset Street

Our History

The Delicious Dish

Since 1827, the building at 53 Dorset Street has been a witness to history – and for much of its past, a home to hospitality.

First constructed as a log tavern that quenched the thirsts of the workingmen whose labour gave birth to much of Old London, an eventual addition transformed the building into the modest King Charles Hotel. Our largest dining room, the King Room, is named after the rst building on this site. And the story continues... lead by imagination and innovation, the The Delicious Dish moves towards the future with the goal of being home to your nest dining experience. We invite you to help us to make history – and to create memories that are as rich and as full as our past.

Head Chef

Prior to assuming the role of head chef at The Delicious Dish, Matt Orlando held positions at Per Se and The Fat Duck. He has a reputation for being an excellent, extremely well organized leader. When reached for comment by Politiken, Bunz said of Orlando, “In the many years he has been with us, I have always seen him as perhaps the greatest talent.”

Chef Matt Orlando

Matt Orlando